Other Cakewalk Products

Here are some other products available for Cakewalk by BandLab
(Free and Commercial)

MenuMagic – Create and organize your Plug-In menus

MenuMagic gives you control of how your VST3, VST & DX plug-ins will appear within Cakewalk’s (or Sonar’s) various Instrument, Effects, clip or bus menus. 



Azslow3 has written a lot of utilities for Cakewalk (and other DAW’s)

AZ Controller
A universal control surface plugin. Presets for many control surfaces are available.

SONAR Transport Control 
SONAR transport control from any web browser (phone, tablet, etc.)

Universal MIDI FX
MIDI FX (clip tempo change, filter, key switches, drum-map for any message types, etc)

MIDI velocity mapper
Arbitrary MIDI velocity mapper (keyboard dynamics, MIDI compression)

ACT Editor (by Marko) hosted on Azslow’s site: 
Visual ACT mapping for ACT MIDI, Generic Surface, AZ Controller, VS-700, etc)

AZ Act Fix
Fix problems with ACT – read opening thread first.

SCook’s Tools

Tools and Utilities, Presets, Themes, FX Chains, and more.

VST Inventory
Tools Menu Editor